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Practitioners Orbit offer a national service, providing support to solicitors. By instructing us to carry out any number of the following services, you will be freed up to concentrate on other demands of your case load.

Witness statements can make or break a claim. A statement can effectively demonstrate the strengths of a claim and resolve many areas of dispute. Witness statements are also instrumental in quantifying a claim and a quality statement can undoubtedly maximise a financial award. Getting it right is therefore essential.

Due to the often sensitive nature of the subject matter of statements, witnesses often need reassurance and encouragement to open up. At Practitioners Orbit, we have the skills to draw out relevant information in a relaxed environment.

There can be a reluctance to trust anyone other than the solicitor with conduct of the claim to properly draft a witness statement. However Practitioners Orbit offer a unique service whereby we will carry out background reading (of medical evidence and file notes as relevant) to ensure that all pertinent issues are fully understood, explored and addressed. We seek to be as familiar with the issues in the case as the solicitor with conduct of the claim. This combined with our extensive experience in the litigation process enables us to draft full and detailed statements, relating to liability, causation and quantum, which are immediately ready for service.

Clients are generally in a position of need and distress when they contact solicitors, having experienced a difficult situation. It typically takes significant time to discuss the circumstances surrounding the potential claim and considering whether the claim has merits, which may result in wasted time if the claim is not ultimately pursued.

Initial client instructions also provide a contemporaneous summary of the circumstances, which form an excellent basis for a witness statement. Failure to obtain and record a detailed background to a potential claim from the outset, usually results in the basic facts being revisited as the claim progresses. Recollection of details is inevitably poorer with the passage of time, but this approach also leads to a duplication of work and costs.

Practitioners Orbit will undertake initial discussions with the potential client and witnesses either over the telephone or at a meeting to ascertain all relevant facts and provide a detailed account, together with views regarding the merits of the potential claim and the credibility of witnesses.

Litigation is ever evolving and courts are continually seeking to streamline the process. Consequently, tight court timetables are being set down with limited opportunity to extend directions. This makes unforeseen delays throughout the process difficult to deal with.

Bulges of work on certain cases or staff changes can dictate that less time can be dedicated to other cases. As such, there are often issues with capacity to comply with directions.

This is where Practitioners Orbit can help  you. We can become an extension of your team, providing the support to complete isolated tasks or directions, without the outlay and permanence of employing another solicitor.

We can undertake work relating to:

–       disclosure
–       instructions to medical experts
–       instructions to expert witnesses
–       preparation of court bundles

We can attend court hearings for the purpose of providing a detailed note of the hearing and the outcome. Whilst Counsel will generally provide a good summary of a hearing, the value of a detailed account cannot be underestimated given that issues arising in the course of a hearing can often become an area of dispute, only capable of resolution if the fee earner is aware of exactly what was said in Court.

Improved transport links to France have made owning property or undertaking business transactions there, very popular. Consequently, solicitors and notaries are often presented with documents requiring translation. We can translate legal and general documents from French into English and English into French.